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Friday, July 15, 2011

New School, New Enviroment. New People. New Thing.

So many things that I wanna say, but I don't know start from where.

I miss Poly life, I miss Rexaz, I miss Training.

Yesterday was the 1st day of  school in SIM, lecture was entertaining and fun.
Lecturer was a lady from Melbourn RMIT, she will be here for a week to guide us and give us tips for projects and exams. :)

1st lesson and I already have 2 projects on hand. Stress? Yes. but I am looking forward to it, because I know I am weak at writing reports and I want to learn.
There are so many things I wanna do  Continue my driving lesson, sign up for english class, etc.
But all these are not cheap and I still need to pay interest monthly for my bankloan.

Recently I went for a job interview and I got it! It is a high pay job but at the same time it is quite risky.
The problem is, I don't know whether I can cope with it?  Studies and work.
My Coach did asked whether do I want to work for her to be a part time Coach for pri sch.
I want to learn but I have no faith in myself. I'm a slow learner, will I do a good job or will I be a disappointment again?


Sunday, August 29, 2010
Looking Forward

Time now is 9.35pm, still have 25mins left before I knock off from work and
I am so hungry now! But it will be quite late by the time I reach home, so I guess I will just eat fruits and a glass of milk perhaps.

YOG events just ended and is really an awesome experience for everybody! well, at least for me :)
UT3 is next week, got to stay at home to revise for all modules cause I really wanna do well for this semester.

I am so looking forward to this coming holiday! There are training camp, cousin wedding dinner in Singapore and HongKong, Rexaz D&D and many more! Just can't wait :)))))

I remember coach once said to me that you can do can do it if you have the heart for it!
Ok! This sentence's apply to hell lots of things in my life.

Alright, got to end here, gonna off work soon! :DDDD


Sunday, August 08, 2010
Busy busy busy but I like

Well well, this coming friday will be the end of this semester ;)))))))
monday  - training
tuesday - fyp presentation! Hope everything will go well
wed - JYOF event, MONSTER is coming down! Cant wait!
thursday - Duedate for fyp RJ and training
fri - training  
sat - training
sun - Start of YOG events!

due to YOG, UT3 will be postpond after the event, which means have to revise all modules for 3 weeks till UT3. D;



Just training, work, spend time with family and friends.
No projects, no RJ!

I wanna learn backhand spring so f***ing bad!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Met up with the girls last week
it've been a long time since I last saw them
3months ago?

But I was really happy to met up with them
although a few din make it

Went to Marina
Super nice!

Isn't it cute? Heart shape!
Me and Qi left first cause wanna catch the last bus
Sorry girls, I was busy with my phone at all times
but you all know abt it ya ;) 

Looking forward the next outing!


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It been awhile since my last post. Well I'm glad to say that my EXAM is overrrrrrrrr!!!
and i'm ma enjoying my 10 freaking weeeeekssssss of holiday now! :D
Well, my term of enjoying means having 4part time jobs and going back school for trainings :)
24hrs is really not enough for me sometimes, how I wish it can be 48hrs perday.
All right, I'm ma talking craps now.

Not long ago before CNY, my poor little carpet passed away. ;'(

But I adopt another 3 hammies from my friend's friend, guess she have too many of it so wanna give away some. So I have a total of 4 hammies! 2 females and 2 males ;) Guess I can see small little hammies soon!


Thursday, February 04, 2010
My Big Red Swollen lippy

Have to wear mask to school due to my swollen lippy!

Well, I didn't know that I was actually allegic to some kind of tooth med
I swear the doctor face was damn funny when he saw my lip started to get swollen.. LOL!
Went to see doctor and it cost me 118bucks just for a small tube of cream!!
I am not allow to have Seafood, no Spicy food, no heated food and hot drinks
even drinking plain water also have to use a straw.
I can't have direct contact with the sun, after apply the the cream med have to wear mask to protect it, just in case will have infection.
How great can that be?

But luckily the doctor say it will recover before CNY!
just need to endure for a few day, wait for my lip skin to peel!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Took my heart to the limit, and this is where I gonna stay.....

"I'm sorry".....
is all I can say....